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Name Education Title EmailPersonal Website
Bai Pengli baipl@sibet.ac.cn
Chen Xiaohe Professor chenxh@sibet.ac.cn
Cui Jinjiang Professor cuijj@sibet.ac.cn
Cui Yaoyao Ph.D. Professor cuiyy@sibet.ac.cn
Dai Yakang Ph.D. Professor daiyk@sibet.ac.cn http://people.ucas.ac.cn/~daiyakang
Dong Jianfei Ph.D. Professor dongjf@sibet.ac.cn
Dong Wenfei Ph.D. Professor wenfeidong@126.com
Fu Weiwei Professor fuww@sibet.ac.cn
GUO Zhen Professor guozhen@sibet.ac.cn
Gao Shan Professor gaos@sibet.ac.cn
Gao Xin Ph.D. Professor gaox@sibet.ac.cn
Gao jing Ph.D. Professor owengaojing@hotmail.com
Gong Yan Professor gongy@sibet.ac.cn
Gu huadong Professor GUHD123@163.com
Guo Liquan Professor guolq@sibet.ac.cn
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